Inspired by the street cafes of Portugal, infused with the infectious energy of the people of Africa, and blended together in a place that inspires the soul, our coffee is the embodiment of the Vida way of life. Woven into every meia de leite, gelado, and caffe americano, is our innate paixão for all that we do. As unique as our people, our coffee is a reflection of the dynamic personalities who embody the Vida way of life. Like the brightest stars that adorn the night sky, our Constellation of Coffees are instantly recognizable and timeless in their charisma.


A galaxy of flavours, each of our blends is named after the stars and constellations that led our Portuguese ancestors on their intrepid adventures of exploration. Like the shining celestial bodies of their namesake, each blend is unique in its beauty, rich in its complexity and memorable in its own right.

Estrela is Portuguese for ‘star’, and like each glinting celestial body, our signature coffee blend is unique. Like our adventurous Portuguese ancestors, who fearlessly went where no one else had been before, using only the stars as their guides on their journeys of discovery, our Estrela is our guide, our leader. This courageous, brave blend was designed to be gutsy and bold, to stand out from the crowd, and to fuel conversation.
Combining the tastes of two continents, our premium blend is named after one of the biggest constellations in the Milky Way. Latin for ‘the charioteer’, Auriga gallops through the galaxy on an odyssey of fearless exploration. This special blend is representative of Vidavation - our pioneering journey of continual innovation.
A wonder of malt and caramel flavours, our Vega blend is named after a glittering blue orb, believed by ancient stargazers to be a jewel adorning the heavens. Like it’s celestial namesake, our Vega blend is a gem that rewards all who appreciate her complex qualities – a true treasure in our Constellation of Coffees.
A sweet, light concoction, our Capella blend is named after the brightest star in our night sky. This celestial body derives its name from an ancient meaning of ‘the driver’ – a golden beacon that has guided travellers since the dawn of time. Like the comforting rays of Capella, our blend is a welcome gift to all who bask in her glow.
A mysterious astral body, Devra has mesmerised astronomers throughout the ages. A dark and smoky blend that’s steeped in as much mystery as its celestial sister, our Devra blend delights the palette and enchants those who savour her dark, complex flavour.
Meaning ‘to shine brightly’ our Electra blend was named after one of the seven stars in the Taurus constellation. Like the sparkling orb that inspired extraordinary tales that have lasted through the ages, our Electra is just as memorable for her melody of citrus notes with a honey finish.