• “Instant coffee is still very popular in South Africa, which is how the market started off,” said Judith Walter, co-Founder and Marketing Manager of Coffee Capsules Direct; “however the demand for fresh coffee that is freshly brewed is on the rise. Customers want quality and are happy to pay a bit more for a good cup.”

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    The European-styled vida e caffé is opening its 100th store inside a Shell petrol station in Dorp Street, Stellenbosch.

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    With over 100 vida e caffé, and Torrador by vida e caffé, coffee bars at Shell service stations across the country, we have seen a very positive consumer response with robust growth in coffee, food, convenience retail as well as our fuel sales.

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    The vida-Shell relationship started off in 2013, and after just two years the partnership has hit a significant marker, coming together to offer South African motorists a moment of sanity amidst the malaise of their daily commute.

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    “Coffee is something that ignites a sense of social well being and this has sparked a number of trends in consumption and location,” said Levy. “People want to enjoy good coffee and they want it to be led by social engagement and beautiful spaces.”

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    Darren Levy, CEO of vida e caffe, explained: “Knowing that a mobile phone is the one thing that just about everyone has on them all of the time we decided to take our loyalty programme mobile


    “Coffee is something that ignites a sense of social wellbeing and this has sparked a number of trends in consumption and location,” says Levy. “People want to enjoy good coffee and they want it to be led by social engagement and beautiful spaces.”

  • SME South Africa:

    “The South African Coffee Club (SACC) says coffee consumption and business has grown dramatically in South Africa with less than 20 roasteries ten years ago versus the just over 100 today, many of them small startups.”

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    “vida e caffé opened its first store on Kloof Street, Cape Town, in October 2001 as a reaction to the insipid coffee shop culture prevalent in South Africa at the time. It has grown to more than 160 outlets nationwide,” says Levy.

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    “At vida, it's not just about developing an app, it's all about engagement. As a business, we get to instantly connect with our customers, distribute deals and offers, and understand what they like most so that we can deliver the best possible experience to them.”

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    “Since launching Vitality Active Rewards late in September last year, roughly 160 000 activations have been registered, representing some 15% of the comparable local Vitality base.”

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    “Locally, brands have woken up to the race to be mobile-ready, seeking ways to make their customer’s lives better and entrench them deeper into the brand.”

  • Varsity Vibe: “Obrigado! vida e caffè strives to embrace the espresso drinking street culture of Europe and their incredibly friendly baristas are always ready to have a conversation. They have a wide range of coffees and frios on offer, using only the finest quality Arabic beans to make their vida Estrela blend. There’s free chocolate, upbeat music, free Wi-Fi and their cafes are conveniently situated almost everywhere. Check out their app for special deals and even the occasional free coffee!”

  • Jozi Style: “Coffee has the power to transport you from the mundane to the memorable,” says Darren Levy, CEO of vida e caffè. “Sitting at a coffee shop and watching the world go by while appreciating the distinctive flavour of a cup of java captures a moment in time, allows you to relax and appreciate time as it slips by. “

  • Business Tech: “Coffee has become an art form and people appreciate art, especially when its taste is so individual. It has become such an integral part of society it has featured in some of the most memorable television moments and inspired people to become involved in its production and creation.”