We love the latest cover of the Obrigado magazine, talk us though the cover and conception?
The cover is an exploration of Christmas time in South Africa – a contrast to the
commonly seen snow, reindeer and freshly cut fir trees. Here at home we have a rich use of colour, a large supply of hats, sweltering temperatures and road trips travel during the festive season instead of Christmas jerseys and fire stoking duties. The cover has a portrait of someone experiencing Christmas time in Mzanzi.

As a creative you must cyber stalk quite a few local designers/creatives/writers?
Koos Groenewald – Fellow Designer + Illustrator
Fhatuwani Mukheli – 1/3 of ‘I See A Different You’
Laduma Ngxokolo – 21st century mXhosa
Lean Boezaart – Entrepreneur + Co-Founder of Freedom of Movement
Russell Abrahams – Fellow Designer + Illustrator

Name 3 Instagram accounts that you feel have been a key influence to your style.
@Laduma – 21st century mXhosa
@ISeeADifferentYou – A trio collective portraying South Africa as they see it
@GarethPon – Africa’s best Instagramer

Tell us about the coffee culture in Mzanzi, which vida is your local hangout and what do you usually order?
The coffee culture is South Africa has been one of the most exciting industries in the passed few years. We’re seeing great entrepreneurial drive, innovation and attention to craft. The best part being that one no longer needs to travel too far to get a great coffee whether it being the classic cappuccino or even more elaborate coffee brewing techniques like siphon coffee. My local vida hangout would be the vida e caffe in Sandton City and I usually order a coffee frio.

You recently spent some time in Brazil, walk us through this experience, street life, learning Portuguese and coming home with design inspiration.
The experience was extremely challenging and inspiring! The interesting language barriers, rich coffee culture and beautiful scenery (both natural and man made) made for a trip had a great impact on me. I learnt that learning phrases in Portuguese rather than individual words will get you far in Brazil. The street life in incredibly vibrant and colourful, with a culture of welcome amongst everyone there and large spaces of beautiful graffiti juxtaposed with century old buildings. Brazil is dense with thick green trees all around and I noticed that I started to illustrated more nature inspired illustrations upon my return.

You designed the cover for the month of April for the 4th annual South African Artist’s Almanac, your design was about Freedom Day and the promise of Freedom in SA. Walk us through how you believe design has an influence on creating political awareness of satire in SA.
Design has always been a great tool in communication and creating awareness that is both memorable and beautiful. I think this is because of design’s potential for fast wide spread distribution amongst the public. Design speaks to a wide audience and makes political awareness of satire in SA not only possible but easily read,
understood and shared.

What art expos will you be attending in 2016?
Haven’t really planned around that yet, but it will be as many as I can attend.

What has the most fun project to date been?
The project I had the most fun with to date has been working in conjunction with an app on the Apple App Store called Over. I had the privilege of being one of the contributors to the (RED) Campaign – a campaign started by Bono and Bobby Shriver to make it easy for people and businesses to join the fight against HIV and Aids. I compiled a series of illustrations that would be sold on the Over app. All proceeds went towards the campaign and had a hand in partnering with Apple reach an amount of $75 million that year.