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Vida Launches New Winter Flavours

Warm up with vida this winter

Vida customers are in for a treat with the launch of our new winter flavours. With two new hot drinks, two new Toastie flavours and four new baguette flavour options, we adding more variety to our menu and giving you even more reasons to love vida this winter.

For those who want a warm and delicious drink on a cold winter day, vida has introduced the marshmallow flavour hot chocolate. This unique drink is purple in colour and is topped with mini marshmallows, making it sweet and creamy. Our second hot drink option is the marshmallow flavoured latte, which has an energizing shot of espresso. This exciting twist on the regular latte is perfect for those who wants a sweeter yet subtle flavoured caffe.

Our two new toastie flavours are the BBQ Chicken Mayo flavour and the Mexican Chicken flavour. The BBQ flavour has a delicious smoky taste, while the Mexican Chicken flavour which is sweet and salty with a bit of a spicy kick. Our toasties are made fresh and is perfect for a quick lunch or on the go meal filler.

The new sourdough baguettes come in four different flavours, including classic Cheese and Tomato, Chicken Mayo, and the more enhanced flavours of the Chouriço & Cheddar and Pesto Chicken. All of these options are freshly made and go well with coffee, making them the perfect choice for those who want a more substantial meal.

vida is committed to providing customers with the best quality products, and our new winter flavours are no exception. With this launch, we hope you enjoy the new winter flavours and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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