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Introducing Our New Strongest Second Blend: OBRIGADO XX

An ode to you: 20 years strong.

In celebration of 20 years of vida e caffè, we bring you our new strongest second blend yet; OBRIGADO XX. Twenty years strong – a strong coffee for a strong community, from farm to cup.

Following the success of our previous second blends, we have decided to launch our strongest second blend yet, in all stores nationwide. OBRIGADO XX aims to complement our unique signature ESTRELA House Blend – giving consumers choice for a different flavour profile and taste in coffee. The OBRIGADO XX blend is a nod to our strong heritage and commitment to an ongoing coffee excellence journey.

From our people – the people who turn the lights on and start the coffee machines each morning, the people who keep things going throughout the day, and the people who work through the night. This one’s for you. To all our suppliers and stakeholders, our loyal customers and our competitors. This one’s for you. Obrigado for giving us 20 years of vida, for keeping us inspired each day and giving so many of us a place to call our home away from home.

Our OBRIGADO XX blend is dedicated to you all. An ode to strength in numbers. A premium medium-dark roast (9/10) of 100% Arabica beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia and Tanzania. A strong, rich, golden espresso blend with notes of cocoa and honey.

“The new second blend available at vida e caffè highlights the variety of coffees available, showcasing a bold, rich flavour in keeping up with the ever evolving palate of South African coffee drinkers,” said Charles Denison, vida’s Coffee Q Grader.

“We have seen success in-store through our second bean offering over the past five years, not just in the number of people choosing an alternative blend, but the credibility that a limited edition specialty blend can give us as a coffee chain that spans 300 stores across the continent. We were the first national chain to offer a choice when we launched our first Auriga blend in March 2017, followed by the Electra single-origin and then the Kloof St. Limited Edition which was a single-origin Tanzanian heritage roast. There is no doubt that both existing and new customers will appreciate our 4th seasonal blend which is a newly evolved and stronger offering on the menu.” says Darren Levy, CEO vida e caffè.

The OBRIGADO XX blend can be selected at no additional cost when purchasing your favourite caffè in our stores nationwide. Make sure you try something different or mix it up daily when in-store between the new Limited Edition OBRIGADO XX Second Blend and our unique signature ESTRELA House Blend. The choice is yours!

You can also purchase the OBRIGADO XX beans and ground coffee in 250g retail bags, to enjoy at home, for R89.00. And online at our various e-commerce partners.
Strong coffee for strong people. Join us this month as we celebrate with you, our staff and our partners who have been so integral in our strong growth over the past 20 years. Our people, our purpose.


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