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Try Our Plant Based Offering This Winter!

Be Bold.

We are going GREENER and more SUSTAINABLE than ever before with our NEW VEGAN PLANT BASED RANGE launching across all vida e caffè stores this May. This forms part of our vida e mundo (life and world) journey as more consumers are looking to make healthier lifestyle choices and choices that are less harmful and better for our environment.

We are challenging you to BE BOLD and try something different. In the cold winter weather, there is nothing like the indulgence of a crunchy, warm toastie.  There is no denying that our much-loved toasties are iconic for a reason. That’s why we have added a new vegan Ch*cken Mayo Toastie made with plant based, flame grilled tender fillets, vegan mayonnaise & coconut oil on our signature bloomer or our new gluten free bread. The new vegan Asian BBQ Ch*cken Wrap is for those who are looking for a flavourful, healthy lunch option. The multigrain wrap is filled with plant based, flame grilled tender fillets, carrot, corn, cabbage & baby spinach.

The Ch*cken plant-based fillets are made up of a protein packed blend of plant based ingredients and flavours to create an authentic chicken alternative. It tastes like chicken; it looks like chicken, and it cooks like chicken. The product is made up of plant protein structures such as soy protein, fava bean, pea protein, lentil, and chickpea flour. Flavourful, fibrous textures so similar to the real thing that it leaves people wanting more.  It has very little to no sugar, saturated fats, trans fats or cholesterol.  What we can say is that it is good for the environment, good for you and great if you are looking for a meat alternative.

We have partnered with a premium local plant based brand, On The Green Side who retails in stores such as Spar, Wellness Warehouse, Pick n Pay and Food Lovers Market. Their main objective is to harness their knowledge of food and science to create protein rich, plant based meat alternatives that look the part and taste like the real thing while remaining environmentally friendly.

When visiting our store this May, don’t be alarmed when your friendly local barista hands you a green takeaway cup. Our iconic vida red isn’t going anywhere. The green takeaway cups are to inspire you to give our new plant based food a try. Take the challenge this winter to GO GREEN and BE BOLD. See if you can tell the difference between your original Chicken Mayo Toastie and the new vegan plant based Ch*cken Mayo Toastie. We can’t wait to hear from you and your feedback on our new products. Chicken inspired; plant perfected!

These two new vegan plant based products are Halaal certified and are now available at all vida e caffè stores nationwide.  We’ve also added these new food items to our Order Ahead menu on our innovative app, at selected stores. Use Order Ahead to ensure no dealing with cash or credit card terminals. It’s a pleasure! Don’t let the indoors this winter get you down – these delicious new offerings are also available on MrD Food, Uber Eats and BOLT food. BE BOLD. Try our plant based products today!

P.S. We are excited to announce that we are now launching our gluten free bread in all stores, nationwide. This wholesome alternative is made up of a mixture of buckwheat flour, corn starch, rice flour, psyllium husk, caster sugar, yeast & salt. Available from May at all vida e caffè stores nationwide as well as on MrD Food, Uber Eats and BOLT food.


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