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A moment of happiness

We are extremely excited to announce that vida e caffè have partnered with world-famous biscuit brand, Lotus Biscoff. We bring you an iconic collaboration within our beverage and retail space. In fact, Lotus Biscoff is ranked the 6th biggest biscuit brand globally. In partnership with the biggest coffee brand in Southern Africa – we’re hoping to cause quite a stir!

Lotus Biscoff, founded in 1932, became famous for their crunchy caramelised biscuits with a unique taste and its iconic shape. Their biscuits are vegan and contain no artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. Simple, perfect & sophisticated. You can enjoy it as a treat, with your coffee or include in your cooking. Its unique caramelised taste is loved all around the world: Lotus Biscoff is today sold in over 70 countries!

What makes this collaboration so iconic? Coffee, being the core of the vida e caffè brand, and Lotus Biscoff biscuits have a complementary taste profile. It’s as if the deep flavour of a satisfying coffee and unique taste and crunchiness of Lotus Biscoff were made for each other. Whether you dip and bite or bite and sip, the extra hint of a caramelised cookie will reveal the full flavour of your coffee. Every coffee wants a Lotus Biscoff biscuit.

Never tried the biscuit before? For the month of March, we are swapping out our iconic dark chocolate slabs for a complementary single Lotus Biscoff Biscuit with any hot beverage purchase.

In light of this iconic collaboration, we introduce a rich and decadent Lotus Biscoff FrioShake. A blended Lotus Biscoff iced drink topped with cream & Lotus Biscoff crumble just in time to end off the summer season with a bang!

“vida is so excited to collaborate with another global brand. Every year, over 7  billion biscuits are sold on all 7 continents. Biscoff is more than just a biscuit in the same way as vida is more than just a coffee. Together we have partnered to develop unique,  world first coffee and Biscoff  products that strengthen the fact  that ‘Lotus Biscoff is coffee’s favourite companion’” says Darren Levy, CEO of vida e caffè. Ask for a Lotus Biscoff at your vida and enjoy with your Meia de Leite, Cappuccino or Espresso.

Adding to our ever-growing ‘vida at home’ retail range, you can now take the crunch home with you. With the addition of a 125 g Lotus Biscoff Biscuit retail pack.

It doesn’t stop there! We will be launching another exciting Lotus Biscoff product to welcome in winter. Keep an eye out for what’s to come.

These products are halal and are now available at all vida e caffè stores nationwide. We’ve also added these new items to our Order Ahead menu on our innovative app, at selected stores. Use Order Ahead to skip the queue. It’s a pleasure!  Enjoy from the comfort of your home with our delivery partners Uber Eats & Mr D Food.

Want to find out more about the Lotus Biscoff brand? Click HERE.



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