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  • An authentic vida coffee experience through state of the art dispensing equipment.
  • Responsible for the supply of leading quality vending products.
  • State of the art touch screen vending equipment technology.
  • 36 & 60 month equipment rental packages, which is inclusive of technical support & maintenance services for duration of the contract.
  • Telemetry & Swipe card systems technology.
  • National technical support network.
  • National distribution footprint.
  • Ongoing training provided for clean & fill vending operator staff.
  • Quarterly vending audit assessments – manage in cup quality.


  • vida requires a standard 220 Volt power supply within one metre of the machine installation point.
  • Water supply requires 15mm copper pipe with a 15mm stop valve & this must be provided within one meter of the machine installation point.


  • vida is fully committed to providing comprehensive vending clean & fill management training for staff, this forms part of vida’s standard vending equipment installation procedure.
  • As part of vida’s ongoing commitment to service excellence, vida would provide ongoing vending clean & fill training

Vida e Caffè Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd is a level 2 BBBEE company.
Contact us about becoming apart of the Vidavation brand *insert email address*