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Kick back & relax with our NEW SUMMER MENU

We’re sipping our way into summer with a variety of delicious new menu items. Whether you’re looking for your favourite Iced flavoured Lattes, breakfast, brunch, lunch or simply just a snack, we’ve got you covered! Our curated selection of new seasonal products made freshly on site, cater to a wide range of dietary requirements, and can be found alongside much-loved classics, with a flavorsome twist.

With the season ‘heating’ up and the chilly air no more we have iced up our iconic Flavoured Lattes, for that refreshing caffeine kick. You can now get our Hazelnut, Vanilla & Caramel Flavoured Lattes with a single shot coffee over ice and micro foamed milk.

The perfect breakfast pairing with your morning caffè is sure to be our new Nut Butter & Jam Yoghurt Pot. Made with double cream yoghurt, strawberry coulis, almond macadamia nut butter & banana. With almond, chia seed & cranberry crunch you simply can’t resist. A quick grab & go item on your way out, or to be enjoyed in the comfort of one of our beautiful stores.

Need serious relief on a hot summer’s day? The thirst-quenching Raspberry Dragon Fruit Frio is a must this season. Otherwise, why not indulge in a Strawberries & Cream FrioShake topped with cream & decadent fudge crumble.

Three new combinations join the Egg Pot range – carb conscious, convenient, protein-rich, wholesome and delicious. Highlights include two vegetarian options: Cheddar & Cherry Tomato Egg Pot with baby spinach or Mushroom & Feta Egg Pot with baby spinach & spicy tomato relish. For an extra protein kick, grab the Chorizo & Cheddar Egg Pot with baby spinach & spicy tomato relish (Halal version available).

Planning a beach day or picnic in the park? Our new pasta salads will do the trick. We’ve got BBQ Chicken Pasta Salad with feta, corn, baby spinach & spicy tomato relish for the meat lovers. Roast Veg Pesto Pasta Salad with butternut, mushrooms, feta, cherry tomatoes & baby spinach for the veg lovers.

With exciting new products, comes exciting new packaging. We’ve added an array of colour to our stores with our new premium packaging range. From our Egg Pots, Pasta Salads, Wraps, Yoghurt Pots to our Snacks, Waters and Bean Range it’s a whole vibrant new look. Keep an eye out in-store.

Eat good! Feel good! These products are now available at all vida e caffè stores nationwide.  We’ve also added these new items to our Order Ahead menu on our innovative app, at selected stores. Use Order Ahead to skip the queue. It’s a pleasure!  – Enjoy our new summer menu from the comfort of your home with our delivery partners Uber Eats & Mr D Food.

“Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about!”



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