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Coffee Cocktail Recipes

Try one of our delicious coffee cocktail recipes that were created for our Kloof Street reopening event. An evening where we celebrated the very first espresso pulled way back in 2001, the countless happy faces that have passed through our doors and all the incredible people that have been part of our journey. The recipes use our Cold Brew Caffè – if you don’t have any at home, try making some yourself using your vida beans.

1. Espresso Gin & Tonic

– A high ball glass
– Cubed Ice
– 50ml Gin
– 15ml Mint Syrup
– 40ml vida Coffee Cold Brew Caffè
– Tonic Water

– Add ice to glass
– Add ingredients to glass
– Churn for 3-5 Seconds
– Top up with Tonic
– Garnish with X3 vida e caffè beans & enjoy!

2. Cold Brew Martini

– A Martini glass
– 50ml vodka
– 10ml Kahlua
– 40ml Vanilla or Mocha or Coffee Cold Brew Caffè
– 1tsp Ground coffee & sugar mix

– Chill glass
– Add ingredients & ice to a shaker
– Shake for 10-20 seconds
– Rim glass with coffee & sugar mix
– Pour ingredients into Martini glass & enjoy!

3. Lemonade Cooler

– 50ml Vodka
– 50ml Fruit Juice
– Lemonade

– Add ice to glass
– Add ingredients to glass
– Churn for 3-5 seconds
– Top up with lemonade
– Add a lime slice & enjoy!

Turn any of our cocktails into a mocktail by replacing the alcohol with more coffee.


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