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Have a Grandè Winter

When Life Hands You Winter, Make It a Grande Winter!

When life hands you Winter, make it a Grandè Winter. We are so excited to have launched our new Winter Menu and serve you your Winter favourites, Grandè style! #haveagrandewinter

As the temperatures drop, there is no denying that our much-loved toasties are top sellers for a reason. That’s why we’ve added the Bacon, Jalapeño & Mozzarella Toastie (or Macon to make it Halaal) to our menu. To spice up your life, we’ve added a little Jalapeño to the classic Bacon and Mozzarella combination. Laid together and toasted on our signature soft bloomer bread.

Toasted Sandwich

The new vegan Mixed Grain, Carrot & Red Pepper Pesto Wrap is for those who prefer a plant-based diet or for those looking for a delicious, healthy food option. The multigrain wrap is filled with hummus, red and yellow peppers, mixed grains, carrots, rocket and baby spinach – who said you can’t get your five a day in one meal?

vegan wrap

An ode to the Quattro, a muffin flavour combination so loved, we made it into a toastie too. Cream cheese, feta, mozzarella, cheddar, spring onions and coriander – what more could you ask for from a carb?

quattro muffin

How about a sweet breakfast or tea time treat? As if lockdown Banana Bread hasn’t been given enough air time in the past few months, and rightfully so. If you haven’t tried our Banana Bread, there’s not much to say besides – you’re missing out. Served as two slices – toasted and buttered to perfection, this one is there for you around the clock. Enjoy it served with a triple shot Grandè cappuccino.

banana bread

A recipe dating back nearly 300 years, the iconic Portuguese inspired Pastéis de Nata has been around that long for a reason. This has a creamy, custardy centre with a light, crispy, flaky pastry crust and pairs so perfectly with any caffè.

pasteis de nata

There is not a more relevant time for the benefits of CBD to be recognized and welcomed into one’s life, so why not add it to your daily brew. We’ve launched our CBD Flat White in collaboration with goodleaf, leaders in the CBD industry. The 10mg CBD sachet will be available to be added to any beverage on the menu, from hot chocolate to tea to smoothies for an additional R10.00.  Add some calm to your daily grind, and combine your favourite caffè with this innovative and beneficial CBD powder.  We’ve also added the goodleaf CBD infused Sparkling Water to our menu, which is available in; Berry & Hibiscus or Mango & Ginger flavour and contain 4mg of CBD each.

CBD Flat White

We use our phone for everything, including ordering coffee through our app – so why not add food too? If you think that some of the best companions for a cup of coffee are a toastie, some warm oats or a slice of banana bread, or maybe all of the above, then we agree with you. That’s why we’ve added your favourite food items to our Order Ahead menu on our world-class app, at selected stores.  Use Order Ahead to ensure no dealing with cash or credit card terminals. It’s a pleasure!

After months indoors, the outside world is looking a lot bigger, but don’t be afraid, we’re here to make it Grandè. When we say Grandè, we’re not referring to volume alone. Make it big, make it wholesome, make it limitless, with so much change in our world, make it one to remember. We hope you have a Grandè Winter.


#lifeandcoffee #haveagrandewinter

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