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Olà Summer: Introducing our summer menu

Celebrating the best of summer the right way with vibrant new food and beverage offerings! See what you can expect in our stores nationwide.

From the brand that brought you life and coffee, proud champions of coffee culture across the continent, we are excited to launch an array of vibrant new food and beverage offerings that celebrate the best of summer. The curated selection of new seasonal products made freshly on site, cater to a wide range of dietary requirements and can be found alongside much-loved classics, ensuring that we have you covered this summer.

Always at the forefront of coffee innovation, we have introduced two new innovative iced caffè options that have been growing in popularity internationally – the Espresso Lemonade and the Espresso Tonic. Espresso Lemonade boasts a single shot coffee, lemonade and soda water over ice and the Espresso Tonic pairs a single shot espresso with tonic water over ice. Both boast a unique fusion of bitter, sweet and citrus notes that create a complex and utterly addictive flavour combinations.

Need serious refreshment on a hot summer’s day? The thirst quenching Lemonade Coolers come in three delicious flavours, Rooibos, Raspberry and Passion Fruit, and are a must this season. Otherwise why not dive into an icy Raspberry Frio, the latest addition to the ever-popular family of blended iced drinks. Frio-mind and the rest will follow! For an on-the-go kick or pre-workout, keep your cool and grab your favourite Cold Brew Caffè, available in Coffee, Mocha and Vanilla flavours.   

Start your summer morning the right way with the new Passion Fruit & Coconut Granola Yoghurt Pot or the vegan Banana & Almond Overnight Oats made with almond milk, Buttanutt almond and macadamia nut butter and protein-rich chia seeds. Healthy and satisfying, a winning combination. If you’re eating on the go, why not try The Almond? A flavoursome dairy-free granola smoothie made with almond milk and macadamia and almond nut butter. The new vegan Fresh Green smoothie bursting with nutrients, combines thirst quenching cucumber, apple, mango, baby spinach, lemon juice, chia seeds and mint. Rich in fibre and antioxidants, this alkalising option takes drinking your greens to a whole new level.

The avocado toast trend shows no signs of slowing down, with Instagram boasting over 1.2 million hashtags for the beloved combo. Our Avo & Feta Toastie is sure to become a firm favourite, think Omega-3 rich smashed avo, creamy feta and chilli flakes, on our signature soft bloomer bread. The new multi-seed baked Bagels are a great lunchtime choice brimming with wholesome ingredients in classic flavour combinations including smoked trout & cream cheese or pastrami, cheddar, gherkin & rocket with mustard mayo.

Six new combinations join the Sandwich range that are equally as delicious toasted as they are fresh. Highlights include the iconic Club, layers of chicken mayo, bacon, mozzarella & crisp baby spinach (Halaal version available) piled on top of one another in a scrumptious stack and sandwiched between Rooibos & Rye bread. Much loved classics like Tuna & Cucumber and Egg Mayo & Rocket make the perfect picnic basket additions and will be a hit with adults and children alike. Another gourmet addition is the pastrami and cheddar, made with gherkins and mustard mayo.

By including seeds in your weekly diet, the natural fibre, iron, protein, good fats, vitamins, and minerals they contain contribute to a wide range of potential health benefits. All our Wraps now boast a new multi-seed variation for maximum goodness. Throw in the new Mediterranean inspired Falafel, Tzatziki and spicy hummus wrap filling and you’ve got a delicious and nutritious vegetarian lunch. Love the flavours but feel like something smaller? The falafel & tzatziki Snack Pot is a great, fresh on-the-go option.

Whether pre or post workout, or just something to fill the gap, we have also introduced the new Fruit & Nut Bar. A nutrient dense snack bar made with almonds, macadamias, antioxidant rich cranberries, seeds and ancient grains. Largely unchanged for the past few centuries, ancient grains are often categorised as superfoods, boasting a myriad of health benefits. Tuck in, you’re welcome.

Celebrate summer the vida e caffè way this season. Obrigado!

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