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World Plant Milk Day in collaboration with Proveg SA, MILKLAB & OKJA

Choose your plant milk for FREE on any solo caffè

In collaboration with ProVeg SA, MILKLAB and okja, we are celebrating World Plant M*lk Day (22 August 2020) by offering FREE m*lk alternatives on any solo caffè from Thursday, 20 August – Sunday, 23 August at selected stores nationwide*.

Always innovating within the coffee space, we were at the forefront amongst national coffee chains with the introduction of dairy m*lk alternatives in 2009 to complement our coffee offering. With an ongoing vida e mundo (life and the world), sustainability journey, we are committed to finding m*lk alternatives to meet your ethical needs and progress on our journey of caring for our planet. We would like to take World Plant M*lk Day as an opportunity to allow our consumers to trial our plant m*lk range for free, with every solo caffè purchased over a four-day period.

world plant milk day

Soy m*lk was first made available to consumers in 2009, almond m*lk in 2015, coconut m*lk in 2017 and oat m*lk in 2019 – all of which have been a huge success. In May 2019, we were the first national coffee chain to move to a new non-dairy barista m*lk range for espresso-based coffee sourced from the award winning MILKLAB – developed for baristas by baristas. MILKLAB is designed to texture and stretch with any coffee type offering a smooth drinking experience, while perfectly complimenting the intensity of espresso. As well as being free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

In December 2019, we extended their plant m*lk offering by adding okja oat m*lk to the menu. okja is rich and creamy, creating a delectable foam for silky flat-whites, frothy cappuccinos or anywhere else that luscious plant-based foam is required. Containing the highest quality ingredients, okja is made using a delicate blend of Italian oats, unrefined cold-pressed sunflower oil for natural emulsification, calcium for alkalinity and a touch of sea salt to balance the sweetness of the oats. okja’s goal is to guide good people like you on an easy, smooth and delicious journey towards a more plant-based diet; helping you to be kinder to yourself, to others, and to our amazing planet.

ProVeg is an international food awareness organization with the mission to reduce the global consumption of animals by 50% by the year 2040. Their vision is to create a world where food choices benefit humans, animals and our planet, driven by work that is pro animals, pro environment, pro health, pro justice and pro taste.

“As a brand that cares for the wellbeing of our planet and our people, we are very proud of our current in-store offering of premium and extensive plant-m*lks, available nationwide. We are very thankful to our partners ProVeg, MILKLAB and okja for this great purpose-led collaboration for World Plant M*lk Day.”  Darren Levy, CEO vida e caffè.

So you see, there is no reason to cry over spilt m*lk this World Plant M*lk Day. Visit any participating vida e caffè store from Thursday, 20 August to Sunday, 23 August to trial or simply enjoy your favourite plant-m*lk variant with any solo caffè.

We are proud to offer you the following range of dairy alternatives throughout the year on the menu:

  • Soy M*lk (MILKLAB) at no additional cost
  • Almond M*lk (MILKLAB) add R8.00
  • Coconut M*lk (MILKLAB) add R8.00
  • Oat M*lk (okja) add R8.00

You can also purchase your favourite 1L plant m*lk in store, to enjoy from home:

  • Soy M*lk (MILKLAB) at R35.00
  • Almond M*lk (MILKLAB) at R55.00
  • Coconut M*lk (MILKLAB) at R49.00
  • Oat M*lk (okja) at R45.00



*Available from all High Street stores, excludes Shell stores, delivery with Mr D Food & Uber Eats and Order Ahead on the vida app. T&Cs apply.

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