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Life & Coffee

February: Life & Coffee Moments

In February we're talking cold brew caffè, our grand prize winner Khalipha Ntloko and more on our sustainability journey with vida e mundo!


Welcome to the first issue of Life & Coffee. A space to celebrate all things coffee and all things that bring us life. A space to show how we continue to build on our story and innovate in everything we do. So stay tuned for the scoop on delicious coffee, foods and of course, on this beautiful life!


Innovation continues to boom in the coffee space and cold brew is taking the world by storm. Never one to miss a beat, we kicked off summer with the launch of a range of cold brew caffè’s – a grab-and-go caffeine-fix for people on the move. Delivering a refreshing energy boost, our cold brew caffè offering is set to be the drink of choice for everyday athletes, beach-lovers and festival-goers alike. The range is available in three milk flavours (Coffee, Mocha & Vanilla) in 280ml bottles at R35 and a black, slightly sweetened option in a 300ml can at R32.

Congrats to our cold brew caffè competition grand prize winner, Khalipha Ntloko! Along with three of her friends, she will be keeping her cool on a trip to Cape Town, worth R25 000. The grand prize includes a trip to Cape Town, a two night’s stay in a luxurious hotel, Kirstenbosch Concert tickets and a shopping spree!
#keepyourcool #coldbrewcaffe

Have you tried Electra? This limited-edition, single origin from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia is not one to miss. If you’re into trying new things, and by things we mean really great coffee, then don’t sleep on this offer. It’s quickly become our go-to.


February is vida e mundo month!

vida e mundo (life & the world) is our company’s commitment to our sustainability journey. As a conscious, innovative and caring brand, we have to ensure that we are doing everything that we can for our impact on the earth & everyone on the planet to be a sustainable one. “vida e caffè” means “life & coffee”, and it’s really that simple – no coffee, no life; no life, no coffee. To find out more about our initiatives, click here.
Join us on our journey! Let’s be better together!

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