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Life & Coffee

Our Mocha Iced Caffè won an award at The South African Dairy Championships

We are proud to announce that our Mocha Iced Caffè came first at The South African Dairy Championships in the Flavoured Milk category. Our Iced Caffè range launched in December 2020. Offering a new and improved flavour and decadent creamy texture, they are made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and real full-cream milk – delivering a refreshing energy boost.

The South African Dairy Championships recognizes excellence and rewards the quality of dairy products in the dairy industry. The championships consist of ten categories (cheese, butter, yoghurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, cultured and flavoured milk, dairy desserts, dairy dips, milk and UHT milk, cream) and more than 100 classes for end products in the dairy industry.

See the full results: click here.

Watch this year’s awards ceremony: click here.

Congratulations to all our fellow nominees and the other winners of The South African Dairy Championship awards.

Whether you’re a Coffee, Mocha or Vanilla fan, our Iced Caffè’s are a refreshment must-have. Perfect when served chilled or over ice to make sure you are #readytogo. The perfect energy drink, coffee combination for those needing an invigorating power boost for that 9-to-5 day, an extra-long commute, a challenging training session, chasing a deadline, a big day out or simply in the comfort of your own home – our iced caffè is ready to go! The new way to enjoy your caffè.

Our iced caffè range is available at all of our stores nationwide in three milk flavours (Coffee, Mocha and Vanilla) in 300ml bottles at R25.00.


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