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vida e mundo

Buy a Bamboo Cup and We’ll Plant a Tree With Damian Willemse in Support of ‘One Tree Planted’

Let’s be better together!

We’re committed to our on-going “vida e mundo” (life & the world) journey to ensuring a sustainable world for everyone and everything living on our beautiful planet. That’s why this month we teamed up with Damian Willemse in support of One Tree Planted.  Join us on our sustainability journey. Buy a bamboo cup, from R149.00 (includes a free caffè). this August and we’ll plant a tree with Damian Willemse in support of One Tree Planted. 

Damian Willemse, Springbok Rugby Player, cares deeply for the environment and is passionate about restoring land in his home country of South Africa. He was given an opportunity through sport to experience nature, something he never grew up with. He says; 

Nature was something I never knew I needed. It became a way for me to find calm. Nature has had such an effect on me for a reason. I never grew up with it. We live in a country that has one of the highest rates of economic inequality in the world. I find the most obvious indicator of this divide to be trees. It’s time we address this deficit. I will never forget my roots and how growing up in Strand shaped me. If it’s our environments that shape us, why don’t we shape our environment for the better? With this, I am starting an initiative to raise R500 000 to plant trees – in an effort to begin the process of reforestation in the communities that need it most. I want others from communities like mine to be exposed to nature as I have.”

One Tree Planted are a global 501(c)(3) nonprofit that plants around the world. They have planted over 10 million trees globally in 2020 alone, on track to plant 25 million globally in 2021. They emphasize biodiversity and social impact throughout all of their projects – it’s about so much more than just trees, while they plan every project to have a holistic and multi-dimensional benefit that includes nature, people, and biodiversity.*

All of their projects are done in partnership with local communities, with local tree species, local nurseries, and for local impact

By partnering with One Tree Planted, Damian is contributing to an environmental and social impact directly in South Africa, while also supporting the global reforestation movement to address climate change through nature-based solutions.

This project in Cape Town, South Africa works to bring together the community for a collective environmental impact. Through community planting and education, this project will support environmental justice to underserved communities, generate more green spaces, connect people to nature, and provide training for the next generation of environmental stewards.

All of the seeds and materials for this project will be sourced from the 7km radius of the area to be planted. Planting trees here will aid in climate mitigation by absorbing carbon and producing oxygen, releasing moisture into the atmosphere, and cooling the landscape. These trees will also create habitats and safe refuge for biodiversity, help to bind soil to prevent soil erosion, and slow rainwater runoff.

The overall initiative will work directly with the local community across various townships to foster a sense of ownership and pride in the care of the land for years to come.

We are excited to collaborate with local legend, Damian Willemse, and One Tree Planted as we drive our sustainability journey message and help do our part to be better together. Stop by any one of our stores this month and purchase a vida bamboo cup from R149.00 and we will plant a tree with Damian Willemse in support of One Tree Planted. Bring in your reusable cup when you purchase your beverage of choice and receive a R2 discount each time! 


#letsbebettertogether #vidaemundo #lifeandtheworld

T&Cs apply. 

*by biodiversity we are referring to both plants and animals, because nature thrives when there is a rich abundance of both. 

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