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A New Summer Menu That’s Mucho Fresh

Your Summer Made with Us!

Your summer is made this October with our new #muchofresh menu offering. From the brand that brings you life and coffee, we’re going extra bright these summer months. It has been a long cold winter and a long year for us all – what better way to have your summer made than with our menu offering. Made #muchofresh on-site, we are introducing a range of new wraps, a toastie, some fresh new smoothies and decadent FrioShakes.

All wraps are made in-store on a multiseed tortilla wrap.

Introducing our Breakfast Burrito! Filled with scrambled egg, bacon, cherry tomatoes, rocket & baby spinach with a spicy tomato relish. Pair it up with a caffè and there’s no better way to start your day!

The BBQ Chicken & Bacon Wrap is made with crumbed chicken strips, cheddar cheese & mixed leaves. A Macon option is available at our halaal stores. The Chunky Chicken Wrap is filled with fresh carrot, cucumber, feta, cherry tomatoes & mixed seeds. We’ve added a vegetarian Roast Butternut, Feta & Pesto Wrap to the menu. It’s made with baby spinach, rocket & mixed seeds. Our Spicy Crumbed Chicken Wrap is bringing the heat this summer! It’s filled with spicy tomato relish, feta, cherry tomatoes & red onion. 

Our toasties are a household favourite and the new Chourico & Cheddar Toastie is made with spicy tomato relish on our signature bloomer bread. A Spicy Sausage & Cheddar Toastie option is available at our halaal stores. 

Need a refreshment on a hot summer’s day?  

Just when you thought our Frios couldn’t get more delicious! We’ve loaded them with extra flavour and decadence. We’ve launched a Caramel Fudge FrioShake and Chocolate Brownie FrioShake – now that’s #muchofresh! The Caramel Fudge FrioShake is a blended caramel fudge flavoured iced drink topped with cream & decadent fudge crumble.

Our Chocolate Brownie FrioShake is a blended chocolate flavoured iced drink topped with cream & decadent brownie crumble. Need we say more? Bring the kids and take some photos of these tasty instaworthy loaded Frios. 

Our nutrient-filled smoothies made with real fruit and the well-known low fat Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt are the perfect breakfast on-the-go or snacktime filler. 

Calling all chocolate lovers! Try the Choc Peanut Butter Smoothie made with Peanut butter, cocoa powder, banana, honey, milk & low fat Marcel’s frozen yoghurt. For the vegans, our delicious Cocoa Nut Butter Smoothie is made with banana, almond milk, dates, almond & macadamia nut butter & cocoa powder.  

Our Mango Collagen Smoothie is packed with mango, banana, apple juice, apple, lemon juice & 100 % hydrolysed Sally-Ann Creed collagen powder. The Sally-Ann Creed 100 % hydrolysed collagen powder literally ‘holds everything together’ in the body – your bones, skin, ligaments and joints. Customise your caffè and any other drink on the summer menu by adding a sachet of Sally-Ann Creed collagen also available in store.

We’ve added these new food and beverage items to our Order Ahead menu on our innovative app, at selected stores. Use Order Ahead to ensure no dealing with cash or credit card terminals. It’s a pleasure! Don’t let the indoors get you down- these delicious new offerings are also available on MrD Food, Uber Eats and BOLT food. 

The summer that made us mucho fresh!   


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