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Introducing Our New Iced Caffè – “Ready to Go!”

Olà Summer! We’re ready to go with our new grab-and-go caffeine-fix for people on the move

Just in time for the Summer holidays and to pep you up for the rest of 2020, we bring you a cold convenient caffeinekick ensuring you are always ready to go! The new addition to our retail range is set to be the summer drink of choice for everyday athletes, beach-loversroad-trippers, busy lifestyles and home-bodies alike.

For most of us, coffee is much more than just a drink—it’s the thing that gets us excited to wake up in the morning and ready to goit gives us that extra boost to get through the afternoon. Ready-to-drink iced coffee is a coffee trend that is fueling the category and here to stay. Proving its longevity as a category in the face of the global pandemic, and an excellent source of instant energy becoming popular amongst youngsters and the middle-aged working population.  

Whether you’re a Coffee, Mocha or Vanilla fan, our Iced Caffè’s are a refreshment must-have. Perfect when served chilled or over ice to make sure you are #readytogo. Our Iced Caffè range delivers a refreshing energy boost, made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and real full-cream milk – offering a new and improved flavour and decadent creamy texture 

The perfect energy drink, coffee combination for those needing an invigorating power boost for that 9-to-5 day, an extra-long commutea challenging training session, chasing a deadline, a big day out or simply in the comfort of your own home – our iced caffè is ready to go! The new way to enjoy your caffè. 

Our iced caffè range is available at all of our stores nationwide in three milk flavours (Coffee, Mocha and Vanilla) in 300ml bottles at R25.00. 




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