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Vida Life & Culture

Level 3: A Message from Our CEO

Olà vida family

Muito Obrigado! A huge thank you to our passionate team and loyal customers for your continued support throughout this period – it’s so good to finally open our stores as we are allowed to offer you pickup and takeaway in level 3. We’re beyond excited to welcome our team and customers back inside our stores nationwide.

Like many businesses in South Africa, the last few months have brought many new and different challenges  – for our business, our people, and our customers – and we are all learning how to adapt. Working with the local authorities and health organizations, we have made significant changes to our business in order to promote social distancing and enhanced safety measures at stores; including elevated sanitation procedures, protective equipment for all staff, removal of seating, restricting the number of people in store, contactless payment options and more.

We have also implemented many new innovations to comply with the new ways of doing business, while also recognising that our customers generally have new ways that they prefer to consume and purchase coffee. Firstly, we have added our food range to our world-class mobile app as part of our Order Ahead functionality. This means that now, along with the full coffee range, you can beat the queue to pay and collect and in doing so further speed up your experience. Moreover, should you not want to collect in-store we will come outside to you – we have now also added Curbside Collect instructions to the app as part of Order Ahead in selected stores. No need to go in store, limited interactions and no dealing with cash or credit card terminals. Remember that by using the app you automatically become a member of our Loyalty Programme and earn 5% back on all your purchases.

Vida was the first national coffee chain in the South African coffee industry to deliver coffee and food with our delivery partners, Mr D and Uber Eats, when we launched last year. This has now become an important part of our business and is still going strong – we continue to ensure safe delivery of your vida favourites to your home or place of work. Convenient and Cashless.

If you need your capsules and beans delivered to your home, you can get these delivered with our delivery partners, Mr D and Uber Eats or through Takealot, Coffee Capsules Direct, Jumia and the Online Beverage Store.

We will continue to monitor and work with local health authorities and adhere to protocols and Frameworks to ensure the highest safety protocols are upheld.

I remain optimistic that we will enjoy a steady and safe recovery over the coming weeks and months. We are committed to playing our role in the community and to open all our stores as quickly as possible so that we can serve you that coffee together with a daily shot of happiness that you have come to know and love over the past 18 years.

Let’s Be Better Together!


Darren Levy


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