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Vida Life & Culture

Get to Know Your Barista

Our vida baristas are well known for their passion and energy that they bring to our stores and to our customers’ lives. Our baristas are the first touchpoint you experience when stepping into our stores. They’re the ones who form the initial connection and build relationships with you. Our vida vibe is our differentiating factor which makes us unique in all that we do. It cannot be found in a recipe or a coffee bean. Passion can only be found in people – our people. Whether you’re after a morning kick of our signature blend Estrela, or need an afternoon pick-me-up, you’ll find it at your local vida e caffè. 

my vida barista

The past two years have not been easy and we have missed the daily human interaction, the joy that an “olà” and a friendly smile makes such a massive difference to our day. As we are moving back to normal, we want to celebrate and amplify this human connection, vibe, and positive energy that is so unique to vida e caffè.  

Your favourite barista has been passionately making your caffès since 2001. We are very proud of our coffee journey and how far we have come since we opened our first store on Kloof Street 21 years ago. It’s time to acknowledge our baristas and the role they play in our customers’ lives. We have asked each barista to sign their name on each coffee they passionately pull as part of our exciting new #myvidabarista campaign. 

The aim is to amplify the connection between you and our baristas. Our baristas will now put their stamp of approval, their name, on every hot takeaway beverage they make. This is their signature of approval, their stamp of quality and love confirming that they serve the customer their best caffè and a shot of happiness, making your day every day.  

So next time you visit your local vida e caffè, look out for your barista’s stamp of approval on your takeaway vida. Say “Olà”. Say “Obrigado”. Have a chat about life and coffee. Make the connection. Smile. Share this with us on Instagram by tagging our official page, @vidaecaffe_official and #myvidabarista and stand a chance for you and your local barista to win BIG!  

The answer is always vida e caffè, life and coffee!  



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