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vida e mundo

Obrigado to our healthcare heroes

vida e caffè serves caffè's and smiles to healthcare workers

On Wednesday the 15th of July we had the privilege of serving caffè’s, smiles and a brief respite to the health care heroes of Groote Schuur Hospital.

“vida e caffè did not just warm-up our bodies but also our spirit.  Thanks guys you put a smile on our faces with a good cup of coffee”, Annelise Bezuidenhout, Director Finance, Groote Schuur Hospital.

Since April this year, we have donated 100’s of kgs of coffee to key hospitals in the country and we are just getting started.  Supplying coffee to hospitals is our way to show our gratitude to the doctors, nurses and the rest of the medical professionals working tirelessly to keep us all healthy and safe during these incredibly challenging times.

“Thank you to vida e caffè for spoiling our staff with coffee on Wednesday. vida e caffè has been more than kind since the Pandemic started where they so generously supplied our Healthcare workers in COVID wards with coffee.  We are forever grateful for your kindness but more so the smiles you brought to our AMAZING staff . God bless you all.” Aghmat Mohamed, Head of Nursing, Groote Schuur Hospital.

“In this difficult time affecting the whole world due to Covid-19, it is acts like yours that warms the heart, to see people still care and want to make a difference”, Mr Alaric Jacobs, Communications Officer, Groote Schuur Hospital.

A special thanks to our partners Dartpac, Lausanne and Nature’s Packers for joining us in providing these heroes a little reprieve, keeping them caffeinated.

We’re committed to our on-going “vida e mundo” (life & the world) journey to ensuring a sustainable world for everyone & everything living on our beautiful planet. Let’s be better together!

Muito Obrigado to all healthcare workers everywhere for being on the frontlines working day and night.

#lifeandcoffee #letsbebettertogether

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