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Vida Life & Culture

Olà to our new specialty teas

A morning, afternoon & evening ritual!

As we continue our coffee excellence journey, it’s important to apply the same level of excellence to all of our other beverages.  

Just in time for Spring and for the tea lovers, vida e caffè now boasts a new and improved selection of premium Loose-Leaf Teas and herbal infusions supplied by Ronnefeldt, the world leader in superb, quality teas.  Must try variants include; 

Very Early Grey – Black Tea with Bergamot Flavour  

Green Dream – Green Tea  

Magic Africa – Rooibos with cocoa and cinnamon flavours  

Charming Chamomile – Herbal infusion with orange flavour  

Spice of Life – Herbal infusion with Lemon Ginger  

Mindful Mint – Herbal infusion with mint flavour  

Fruits of Joy – Fruit infusion with papaya and hibiscus 

The new range, named 100%, will be a great addition to our menu and align with the quality & precision of our caffè offering.  Our current ‘tealeaf’ Ronnefeldt range will be discontinued and replaced with the 100% range.  

Roonefeldt’s success story dates back nearly 200 years – now they are one of the world’s leading tea brands thanks to their focus on quality, creativity and their love of tea. 

Sustainability is also true to the core of the Ronnefeldt brand. Both the tea bags and packaging are fully sustainable (biodegradable or recyclable, or both), which falls under our vide e mundo (life & the world) sustainability journey.  

Our new tea range is Halaal certified and is now available at all vida e caffè stores nationwide. From 1 October, they will also be available on our Order Ahead menu on our innovative app, MrD Food, Uber Eats and BOLT food.  

You know what they say, a cup of tea makes everything better!  



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