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Vida Life & Culture

Take vida e caffè Home with You – Introducing Our Instant Hot Chocolate and Spiced Chai Lattè

Bring your favourite “Obrigado!” moments home with you.

In the spirit of staying in, we have expanded on our vida at home range to bring you our new Instant Hot Chocolate and Instant Spiced Chai Lattè. 

Both of these items are decadent and delicious and have been developed to be as close to the in store experience as possible. The instant Hot Chocolate is an indulgent and creamy chocolate drink made with cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Add a shot of vida e caffè coffee from our capsule or bean range to make our iconic Caffè Mocha. 

The instant Spiced Chai Lattè is an aromatic and creamy drink made with a blend of authentic chai spices and black tea. To make our iconic Dirty Chai, add a shot of vida e caffè coffee from our capsule or bean range. 

Both products are Halaal certified with SANHA. 

Allowing consumers an opportunity to engage with our brand and enjoy vida products in the comfort of their homes as well as in store, these products are an addition to the already existing retail range, which include a variety of coffee capsules and coffee beans. 

So when your bestie stops by for coffee, or the kids get home from school, now the whole family can enjoy vida at home. 

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