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Vida Life & Culture


We launched our first drive-thru - offering only the best in coffee and food

Innovation and design meet convenience and comfort, with the launch of our first drive-thru cafe.  

With more people on the move and in search for a quick and seamless coffee fix in today’s current environment, we have introduced our first drivethru cafe in South Africa at Vaalpark, Johannesburg.  No need to leave the comfort of your car, as we have your coffee and toastie fix covered.  You can simply order from the drive-thru window or Order Ahead on our world-class app – saving you even more time plus earning you 5% back in cash.  

We are excited to have finally opened our first coffee drive-thru. Another innovation for vida that enables us to bring more shots of passion and happiness every day, and on-the-go, to our special customers across the continent.” Darren Levy, CEO vida e caffè 

Fast service from a fast company – whether picking up your favourite caffè or breakfast on the way to work, lunch on-the-go or grabbing a snack between destinations this new contactless ordering system is here to stay.  Look out for our next vida drive-thru in your neighbourhood, coming soon!  

Everyone loves fast, convenient coffee and consumers now have various safe out-of-store options to order their vida – including ordering at the drive-thru, in-store or curbside collect using our app or placing an order for delivery through Mr D Food and UberEats. 


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We care! and so do our sustainable business partners
We care! and so do our sustainable business partners
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