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Vida Life & Culture

We care! and so do our sustainable business partners

Obrigado ButtaNutt!

vida e mundo simply means ‘life and the world.’ As a brand that is making strides in reducing its environmental footprint, we continue to remain committed to prioritising responsible production and consumption goals as part of our journey to ensure a more sustainable world.

This month we are celebrating our sustainable business partners.

OBRIGADO to ButtaNutt who is our current Oat Milk and Nut Butter supplier. Products including these ingredients are our any of our beverages with Oat Milk, our Cocoa Nut Butter Smoothie, The Almond Smoothie, Peanut Força Smoothie and our Mucho Power Smoothie.

Want to win a R800 ButtaNutt hamper? This August, we want to reward 2 lucky customers for supporting sustainable brands!

Simply download, pay, or earn with the vida app when ordering any of the items below and automatically be entered into the competition:

  • Any beverage with an Oat Milk alternative
  • The Cocoa Nut Butter Smoothie
  • The Almond Smoothie
  • Peanut Força Smoothie
  • Mucho Power Smoothie

This competition will run from Wednesday, 10th August until Tuesday the 16th of August 2022. Winners will be contacted via telephonic call.  Ts & Cs apply.

ButtaNutt crafts a series of authentic nut butters and milks using natural and organic ingredients. Their products are simple and totally delicious. No added sugar, preservatives, or stabilisers. Sustainability is a key strategy of theirs and here’s how!

1.They offer their customers plant-based alternatives with both their milks and butters. Every time a consumer chooses to include ButtaNutt versus meat or dairy in their diet it has a net positive impact for our global environment. Cow’s milk has significantly higher impacts than plant-based alternatives across all metrics. “It causes around three times as much greenhouse gas emissions; uses around ten times as much land; two to twenty times as much freshwater; and creates much higher levels of eutrophication compared to plant-based alternative milks.”

2.ButtaNutt sources all their nuts locally, including almonds from the Klein Karoo. They have supported local suppliers from the very start and in turn the suppliers support them.

3.They are locally manufactured which reduces their carbon footprint compared to international suppliers. They have their own production facility in Paarl, where they currently employ more than 80 team members. This allows for their milks to be locally produced vs majority of imported dairy alternatives in South Africa. By not shipping internationally, locally produced milk has a much lower carbon footprint.

4.Most of their packaging is fully recyclable and only local raw materials are sourced and used. Their milk bottles are made up of HDPE materials which are widely recycled within South Africa.

5.All their online orders are wrapped in shredded box materials instead of bubble wrap. They are also packed in recyclable carboard boxes which in turn minimises their plastic usage.

6.ButtaNutt prioritises minimising their water and energy usage during production processes. They measure their water, electricity, recycling and waste each month and strive towards continuously improving these measurable targets.

We asked the ButtaNutt team; if they lived in a world where anything was possible, what would the businesses 5-year plan regarding sustainability be? they answered with; “ButtaNutt Milks offer the largest opportunity for impact, giving customers the opportunity to switch from cow-based milks. The dream would be to take increasing market share, by bringing the cost difference down drastically. This would include making Dairy Alternatives Zero rated, i.e., VAT free, just like regular milk is. We believe in doing so, we could get price parity between dairy alternatives produced in South Africa, and regular milk”.

So, the next time you order your Oat Milk alternative or your Almond smoothie, you can feel that much better knowing you are consuming a product that is not only good for you, but for the environment too.

Keep an eye on which business partner we will be highlighting next week! Ps, there’s a competition linked to that too.

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