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Vida Life & Culture

We care! and so do our sustainable business partners

Obrigado Goodleaf!

vida e mundo simply means ‘life and the world.’ As a brand that is making strides in reducing its environmental footprint, we continue to remain committed to prioritising responsible production and consumption goals as part of our journey to ensure a more sustainable world.

This month we are celebrating our sustainable business partners.

OBRIGADO to Goodleaf who is our current CBD supplier. Products include our CBD Cappuccino, any customised beverage with an added 10mg CBD sachet, our Sparkling CBD Drinks, and our CBD bars.

Want to win a R1000 Goodleaf hamper? This August, we want to reward 2 lucky customers for supporting sustainable brands!

Simply download, pay or earn with the vida app when ordering any of the items below and automatically be entered into the competition:

  • Any beverage with an added CBD sachet
  • CBD Cappuccino
  • Sparkling CBD Drink – Berry & Hibiscus
  • Sparkling CBD Drink – Mango & Ginger
  • CBD Sachets Box

This competition will run from Wednesday, 17th August until Tuesday, the 23rd of August 2022. Winners will be contacted via telephonic call.  Ts & Cs apply.

A good life begins with a better you. From rise to rest, Goodleaf has something to elevate your life in every moment, every day. They transform your daily rituals into an opportunity to make you healthier, and happier. They’re committed to finding the most environmentally conscious solution at every step of their process and here’s how:


True to their brand, Goodleaf’s sparkling CBD drink is greener, cleaner, and cooler than ever. Made with pure water, botanical flavours and no calories or sugar. The 10mg CBD dose is derived from organic, non-GMO industrial hemp crops cultivated outdoors. Vegan, no additives or artificial flavouring or colourants, no residual solvents or heavy metals or pesticides.


is aligned to international GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards, and all operations are overseen by qualified Chemists and Pharmacists.

  • Their drinks, snack bars, CBD sachets and mushroom sachets are manufactured locally, in South Africa.
  • Goodleaf’s CBD is derived from organic, non-GMO industrial hemp crops cultivated outdoors, pollinated by insects, and is harvested by hand at maturity, 120 days after planting.


  • They’re committed to finding the most environmentally conscious solution at every step of their process to ensure their products are as wholesome to the planet as they are to the consumer.
  • As part of their sustainability journey, they switched from a single-use plastic bottle to an aluminium can. The new Goodleaf can, as well as all of the outer packaging, is 100% recyclable.
  • They are in the process of updating their website to include specific recycling information for all their products – ensuring customers know how best to recycle their purchases. Their social feeds also have dedicated sustainability posts to inspire, educate and inform.

We asked the goodleaf team; “if you lived in a world where anything was possible, what would the businesses 5-year plan regarding sustainability be?” They answered;

“Our long-term vision is to provide organically farmed, plastic-free, biodegradable and carbon neutral products which are produced using alternative energy – distributed to our customers using electric vehicles. In many cases, packaged products rely on plastic parts which are functional to the experience of the final product. For instance, our skincare pump which dispenses lotions or gels – this pump can be re-used thousands of times and is why we have implemented a refill option on our pump bottles so customers can re-use their pump, thereby reducing the number of pumps used in the future. Plant-based plastic alternatives which are biodegradable are slowing arriving on the market which can remedy this. Moving to biodegradable packaging solutions (using plant-based solutions like mycelium – packaging made from mushroom spores).

Offsetting our carbon footprint is a goal, along with alternative energy production and electric vehicle distribution. Refill solutions and biodegradable solutions are the surest way we can reduce our footprint and working together with partners who are utilising alternative energy to produce products will help us reduce our carbon footprint”. Now that’s refreshing!

So, the next time you order your CBD Cappuccino or your Sparkling CBD Drink, you can feel that much better knowing you are consuming a product that is not only good for you, but for the environment too.

Keep an eye on our last business partner coming up next, which we will be highlighting this month! Ps, there’s a final competition linked to that too.


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