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Vida Life & Culture

We care! and so do our sustainable business partners

Obrigado On The Greenside!

vida e mundo simply means ‘life and the world.’ As a brand that is making strides in reducing its environmental footprint, we continue to remain committed to prioritising responsible production and consumption goals as part of our journey to ensure a more sustainable world.

This month we are celebrating our sustainable business partners.  To end off a successful 4th week, we highlight our plant based Ch*cken supplier. We went GREENER and more SUSTAINABLE than ever before with our VEGAN PLANT BASED RANGE launched across all vida e caffè stores this past May. This formed part of our vida e mundo (life and world) journey as more consumers are looking to make healthier lifestyle choices and choices that are less harmful and better for our environment.

OBRIGADO to On The Greenside! Products include our Plant Based Ch*cken Mayo Toastie and our Asian BBQ Ch*cken Wrap.

Want to win a R1750 On The Greenside hamper? This August, we want to reward 2 lucky customers for supporting sustainable brands!

Simply download, pay or earn with the vida app when ordering any of the items below and automatically be entered into the competition:

  • Plant Based Ch*cken Mayo Toastie
  • Asian BBQ Ch*cken Wrap

This competition will run from Wednesday, 24th August until Tuesday, the 30th of August 2022. Winners will be contacted via telephonic call.  Ts & Cs apply.

On The Green Side aims to inspire people to eat for a better tomorrow, today; by creating delicious and authentic plant protein products. Clean, green and all the goodness in between. This is version 2.0 of plant-based eating.


  • Their products were developed and created locally in Strand, Western Cape.
  • The base that they use is protein powder – soybean powder, fava bean, lentil, chickpea and normal pea. It’s literally just protein powder that you would find in your sports nutrition drinks – and water. It’s very natural.
  • They use extrusion technology which is a high-temperature cooking of the plant materials. They take the protein powder, mix it with water, put it through a cooking process and that’s it.


  • Changing the way we eat by adding more plant-based foods to our diets is the most impactful choice we can make to benefit ourselves and the environment.
  • On The Greensides products were developed by Chris du Preez, their Director and Food Scientist. Chris worked in the meat industry for many years before he developed their products. He has always believed that the current meat industry model is unsustainable for providing a growing world population with protein.
  • They are committed to giving back by providing people with delicious, clean label plant-based proteins that will not have them compromising on taste, texture and quality.

We asked the On The Greenside team; “if you lived in a world where anything was possible, what would the businesses 5-year plan regarding sustainability be?” They answered;

“While our products are loved by vegans and vegetarians alike, we want to inspire everyone in South Africa and beyond to consider eating less meat for themselves and the environment. Plant perfected proteins like ours are by far the best climate investment. We’d like to have our products available to people across the world at a price that is not only affordable but on par with chicken. Our dream of changing the source of protein to create a sustainable global food system is “the why” at the core of everything we do.”

So, the next time you order your Plant Based Ch*cken Mayo Toastie or our Asian BBQ Ch*cken wrap you can feel that much better knowing you are consuming a product that is not only good for you, but for the environment too.

And that’s a wrap! OBRIGADO for joining us along our 4-week sustainability journey with our key business partners.


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