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Say “Olà Summer” with Our New Summer Menu

Whether you are looking to grab something fresco on the go, needing a healthy snack or are craving an iconic dish – our new Afro-Portuguese seasonal menu caters to all taste buds and occasions.  Served by our vibrant Passionista’s, the summer offerings may be paired with an energizing Iced Caffè to beat the heat, be sure to try your favourite caffè as an iced drink with our new single origin Kloof St. beans for a cool twist!

Start your day right with a carb-free Bacon*, Feta & Jalapeno Frittata *(or Macon to make it halaal) or a vegetarian Spinach, Feta & Sundried Tomato Frittata.

summer menu

Some delicious lunchtime options include the Crumbed Chicken, Bacon* & Cheddar Wrap, made with a multiseed wrap *(or Macon to make it halaal).  Our iconic grandè toastie range has grown to include two limited-edition toasties.  The limited-edition toasties will change every few months to introduce exciting new flavours to our most popular food category.  All our toasties are made on our signature, grandè Bloomer bread.  Try the Spicy Chicken Mayo Toastie or the Classic Cheese Toastie.  These are not to be missed!

Craving a freshly baked tea-time snack?  Why not try our decadent gluten-free Chocolate & Pecan Nut Brownie. Our new and improved Apple, Cinnamon & Date Muffin is perfectly paired with your favourite caffè.  Or the vegan Banana, Date & Nut Butter Muffin made with fresh banana & date with a nut butter swirl.  The new Berry, Oat & Chia Seeds Muffin is vegan too. The choices are endless.

The popular Vanilla Latte is made with espresso, steamed milk and classic vanilla flavour made – now with sugar-free vanilla syrup.  A new caffeine-free option for the tea lovers is our Rooibos Wellness Tea – a strong rooibos with refreshing mint and aniseed flavour. Our Chai Latte is made with spiced tea, Indian spices and black tea and you can now choose your plant milk to make it vegan!

summer menu

Our passionate and experienced staff are waiting to welcome you to try something new – we have no doubt there is something exciting and new for everyone for the coming Summer months.  See you in-store – Olà Summer!

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