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vida e mundo

We’ve Expanded Our Vegan Beverage Offering

Our vida Vitality Reusable Bamboo Cup Is Now Redeemable on Vitality Active Rewards

For Ð1 200 (that’s R120!)

We Planted Nearly 400 trees with Damian Willemse in Support of ‘One Tree Planted’ and collected over 380kg of litter off Strand Beach

Let’s be better together!

Buy a Bamboo Cup and We’ll Plant a Tree With Damian Willemse in Support of ‘One Tree Planted’

Let’s be better together!

Celebrate World Poetry Day with us, Hear My Voice & Retail Capital 

We're rewarding poetry writing with free coffees to celebrate the written arts.

World Plant Milk Day in collaboration with Proveg SA, MILKLAB & OKJA

Choose your plant milk for FREE on any solo caffè

Obrigado to our healthcare heroes

vida e caffè serves caffè's and smiles to healthcare workers

Our new 100% recyclable takeaway cup & lid

Our sustainability journey continues with the rollout of 100% biodegradable takeaway cups & lids - a first in South Africa.

Our First Beach Cleanup with The Beach Co-Op

We made our way to Surfers Corner, Muizenberg to play our part in making a difference. A huge thank you to everyone who joined.